Join us - As a Susenji Distributor


Becoming a Distributor is the first step on the path to a new career.

Susenji is the most influential micro-business in Malaysia and even in Singapore. The reason it can survive so long in the market was due to our founder Queenie who pays great attention to the professionalism, mentality and feedback of distributors.

The 3Q brand new era mico-business team broke the traditional marketing strategy and created a brand new micro-marketing model exclusively for us. Suppose you are looking for ways to earn an extra source of income and wish to learn more about online business. JOIN US!

Believe in the power of trust and your choice. Trust and seize every opportunity. (I was a customer of this brand for three years, and my only regret was not joining this company earlier as I can feel the effort and love the founder and agents have for Susenji, this brand itself. It's a company filled with positive energies and distributors with confidence)

3QQUEEN's slogan, "One may not be born A Princess but could possess a heart of A Queen", was meant to convey that it doesn't matter if you weren't born with a silver spoon. You can rely on your hard work and succeed in building a different life for yourself.

What you'll be receiving as a #SusenjiHustlers:

  • Latest Batch of Authentic Stocks
  • Warehouse in Singapore
  • Courier Service
  • Digital Stocks
  • Training
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Guidelines PDF

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