About Us

As a significant milestone and a celebratory occasion, Miyeppeo was launched specifically on the day of 14 December 2018, the birthday of Miyake, our founder. Miyake is an exceptional and authentic beauty influencer who has her focuses on the sharing of knowledge of beauty products and aesthetic treatments and procedures. Steered by her awareness of how frustrating and exhausting it could be to seek solutions online, she shares her personal experiences honestly and thoughtfully through her blog in the hope of providing clarity and support to like-minded individuals.

With our principles in place, Miyeppeo shall establish itself beyond the function of a typical eCommerce website. It is a safe space for you to foster a sense of confidence and self-love. The products are faithfully curated, and information is timely contributed to help you achieve a better, healthier, and more confident version of yourself.

We look forward to your glorious transformation. May you be blessed with an abundance of self-love, kindness, and respect.